Our fabrication unit is constructed in such a way that it can handle structures which requires the following process-

1. Gas Cutting
2. Shearing
3. Folding

4. Machining
5. Drilling
6. Punching

7. Rolling
8. Forming
9. Welding

10. Grinding
11. Finishing
12. Packing

Fabrication process

The skillful process of fabrication starts on receipt of raw material from our tried and tested suppliers. After checking the test certificate of the material, we conduct a stern visual and dimension check, and only the material that qualifies is selected for the process. The items that fail to meet the standard requirements will be returned to the suppliers. Next, the materials are sent to our Gas Cutting or Shearing section. The Cutting section cuts the material as per the cutting plan. Once the material is amended, the Dimension and Visual inspection are conducted for ensuring the quality.

Only the materials that clear all the quality tests are selected for Punching or Drilling section, which amends the material by making precise drilling and punching. The dimension and visual check will be done at this stage. The products then enter the Folding or Rolling division, wherein the semi-finished products are transformed as per the specific stipulations. The quality check at this stage is very critical and is done with acute precision. The next step is the Fit-Up section, where all the individual parts are assembled and joined using tack weld. The quality check is done at this point if any defect is found it will be reassembled to meet the standards. This stage almost finalizes the product, and the customer drawing takes shape in metal. The product then goes to the welding section, Welding is the primary focus of steel fabrication. The stage also comprises of quality check, thus purging the possibilities of any deviations. Finishing is done by Grinding and cleaning. The products are then painted or galvanized as per requirement. A quality check for coating thickness as well as the visual appeal of the final product is done at this stage and are prepared for packing as per customers requirement and will be ready for dispatch. The product is swiftly delivered to the esteemed customer. The process of converting steel into exquisite fabricated products is not just our business; it’s our passion.


Arc / Mig Welding

CNC Profile Cutting

Shearing Machine

Rolling Machine

Folding Machine

Iron Worker – 60 TON

Power Press

EOT Crane – 5 Ton

Band Saw – 250mm

Pick and Carry Crane

Lathe and Bench Drill

Generator – 125 KVA