India is the 5th largest producer and consumer of electricity in the world. In India sources for power generation range from commercial sources to other viable non-conventional sources. To meet the growing energy needs of the society at a reasonable cost requires huge growth from renewable energy. Special initiatives have been taken by the union and state governments to promote the renewable sources of energy. The key component of this sector includes renewable energy comprising mainly of wind energy and solar power.


Solar power is conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity either directly using Photovoltaics or indirectly using concentrated solar power or a combination. India’s solar power generation capacity has quadrupled from 2650 MW in May 2015 to 12,289 MW in March 2017. The future for the same is bright with the country’s planned target by the year 2022 being 100 GW. We see tremendous scope for us and believe to have all the necessary infrastructure to contribute towards the segment. Our company has the infrastructure and machinery to undertake different types of solar mounting structures.

• Ground Mounted Racks
• Roof Mounted Racks
• Top of pole mounted racks
• Side of pole mounted racks

We have the tie-up with companies which can handle designing, electrical works, and erection for setting up the solar plant. Apart from fabricating solar supporting structures, we can also guide in setting up a solar plant from scratch.


Tamilnadu accounts for 29% of India’s total wind power generation capacity and tops the list of states for the same. We have collaborated with the major players of wind mill production sector to fabricate the supporting structures of the windmill. Under heavy steel fabrication, we have the capacity to undertake and fulfill all associated needs of the power and energy industry.